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Building on our knowledge and experience from years of helping Ventura clients with their homes, we provide full assistance in the process of acquiring a real state property in Spain, including location, purchase, architecture project and interior design.

Ventura Home Services

Define the right areas for investment

Research and proposal of the areas for investment inside the city, taking budget and briefing into consideration (main living property, holiday property, investment, etc.).

Search for the best properties within the selected areas

With all the needs and priorities of the client taken into consideration, we do a wide search of available properties in the selected areas of the city. We work in collaboration with our network of real estate agents.

Tax and investment advise

We work with tax and investment advisors with experience in local and foreign property investment in Spain.

Ventura Home Services

Architecture and Interior Design Project

Our design is made to measure for our clients. We have a clean and elegant design style where natural materials that age well, and beautifully designed spaces are a priority. Our best designs come from having a close work relationship with our clients and getting to know how they like to live.

Finishes, Furnishings and Equipment project

This Project is done in parallel to the Architecture and Interior Design project. It includes Furniture, Art, Decoration objects, Curtains and Carpets, etc. (If the client has some previously owned pieces of furniture and art, we integrate them into the project).

Turn-key Project

This is the most complete project option, where every detail is taken care of, from the architecture to the linens and silverware.

Ventura Home Services

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