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Ventura offers complete support in finding the right property and helping with the buying process through “Ventura Home Services”.
We accompany to the client in all the process with the knowledge that we have of years of helping other Ventura clients with their property.


  1. Research of the best investment areas
  2. Search for the best properties within those areas of investment
  3. Tax and investment advice
  4. Architecture and Interior Design project
  5. FF&E Project
  6. Turn-key project

1. Research of investment areas

Research and proposal of the areas of investment inside the city, taking budget and briefing into consideration (main living property, holiday property, investment, etc.)

2. Search for the best properties within those areas of investment

With all the needs and priorities of the client taken into consideration, we do a wide search of available properties in the selected areas of the city. We work in collaboration with our network of real estate agents.

After going through our filter, the remaining options are presented to the client. Our studio does in-house visits and delivers a list of pros and cons and a photographic and video archive of the visit so the client can make a well-informed decision.

Once the client choses one or two final properties, we arrange for a visit for the client to come to the city and see the property. In case this is not possible, all the information needed to make the final decision will be delivered including a quick layout of a first proposal.

3. Tax and investment advice

We work with tax and investment advisors with experience in local and foreign property investment in Spain.

4. Architecture and interior architecture Projects

Our design is made to measure for our clients. We have a clean and elegant design style where natural materials that age well, and beautifully designed spaces are a priority. Since everything is made to measure for the project, our style is adaptable to all the clients’ necessities. Our best designs come from having a close work relationship with them and getting to know how they like to live.

Our process:

  • We start with the Schematic Design where all the ideas and possibilities are drawn into layouts and presented to the client.
  • Once a final layout is decided we continue to the Design Development stage, where we design every space to our clients’ needs through meetings and questionnaires to be as accurate of what our client wants.
  • When the design development is almost ready to move to the construction documents phase, we deliver the drawing package for budget, this helps to get a global idea of the budget and changes can be made before we begin the construction documents.
  • The project is budgeted with our selected construction companies, and once accepted and the construction work starts, we supervise the whole project from beginning to end to ensure all work is done according to planning and design.
  • The property is delivered completely finished, with made to measure kitchen and bathrooms.

5. FF&E Project

Finishes, Furnishings and Equipment project.

This Project is done in parallel to the Architecture and Interior Design project. It includes Furniture, Art, Decoration objects, Curtains and Carpets, etc. (If the client has some previously owned pieces of furniture and art, we integrate them into the project).

6. Turn-Key Project

This is the most complete project option, where every detail is taken care of, from the architecture to the linens and silverware.

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