Architecture and interior design “hand in hand”

Architecture and interior design blend together from the beginning and in every phase of the project. This allows us to be more efficient and coherent in the creation process, reaching a high level of detail in the finished project.

The Ventura Method

Every project in Ventura is different, but the way we approach them is the same, we believe every voice is important at the beginning to generate a strong concept that will be the project’s soul.

When we say we listen to every voice, we include the surrounding environment and the building where the project is going to be built.
The client’s needs are very important, but we also find crucial that all professionals involved in the project have a say, from Chefs, staff, branding professionals, illustrators, etc. At the end we want to have a great result for everyone who will be part of it.

We leave our (stamp) in how we organize spaces, what we prioritize (artificial and natural lighting; and spatial and visual comfort), and the way we pamper every detail and every corner, even the ones that are not seen.

The Ventura experience

We make a great effort in making our clients not only enjoy the result, but also enjoy the process. We are conscious that behind every project there are big illusions but also there is a big economic and emotional effort. This is the reason for us to make the journey from the beginning to the finished project, an exciting and pleasing one.

We don’t want to be modern; we want to be timeless

In Ventura we say that the key to a good design is how it last through time. This rules our work, we want our designs to work, be beautiful and sustainable. These are the reasons why we do not distract ourselves with the latest trends and we insist on using noble and natural materials that withstand the passage of time and age with beauty.


Reyes Castellano y Juan Carlos Fdez.

Reyes Castellano
Interior Designer

Juan Carlos Fernández

Photographs by Belén Imaz & Juan Baraja.

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