We are an architecture and interior design studio specialising in tailor-made projects with an eye for detail and a clean style. We aim for luxury and comfort in the quality of the space and materials, as well as practical spaces and items in them.

We offer a 360º service. We are involved from the very beginning to the end, covering architecture, interior design, and decoration at the same time.

In each project we create a concept in which the client and other professionals (branding, illustration, food&beverage, landscaping) participate from beginning to end. We apply this in restaurant projects, hotels, shops, offices as well as residential projects. We maintain this concept until completion, creating well-rounded projects with heart and soul.

The Ventura Experience

We want the client’s experience to be positive from start to finish. Our goal is to involve the client in the whole process so that the project is as adapted to their needs and lifestyle as possible, ensuring a consistent design and proper project execution.

Our philosophy is based on a relationship of trust with our client and in-house and outside collaborators, working as a team throughout. We always offer the client honesty and pragmatism regarding the goal, quality, budget, and timeline to meet our goals time and again.

Every detail of each project is taken into account, no matter the project’s size or the detail itself.

We create projects that are honest, in terms of execution and materials used, getting the most out of each budget.


Juan Carlos Fernández

Reyes Castellano
Interior Designer

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