Ventura PH

This Penthouse in Madrid is designed like a boathouse, every element is custom made for each space to make it more efficient and new technologies have been used to control every element of the house (lighting, heated/cooling floors, automatic curtains, etc.) The integration of this technology is seamless, so it doesn’t interfere with the peaceful environment of the design of the house.

The living spaces are distributed around a matt white volume that hides all appliances, storage space, and TV. This volume is broken in some parts with oak wood niches that frame windows or serve as shelving.

The open kitchen integrates to the dining area and living room area, in a way that it is open-concept, but remains hidden from the other spaces.

A custom designed shelving system serves as a sideboard for the dining area and as a library in the living room and unifies both areas to make the space look bigger.  

To integrate the terrace to the interior, the living room is framed by floor to ceiling glass sliding doors that lead to the terrace overlooking the Madrid skyline.

The private area is distributed through an oak wood central volume that liberates all the exterior walls making the arch windows and the view outside to stand out.

The oak wooded volume serves in one side as the bed head rest, and in the other it hides the dressing room and the water closet. Integrated also in this volume are the stone custom-made wash basins placed in front of a window to take advantage of the natural light and ventilation.

Walking through the dressing area is the shower, a carved stone niche, placed on purpose to have the best views of the skyline of the city form one of the arched windows.

White plaster has been used as the wall finish giving the space a raw natural feel throughout the house. The exterior walls have been covered with a raw linen curtain wall, that gives a sense of calm and order to the bedroom. The floor is also a continuous stone-based material throughout the house in the same tones as the plaster walls.

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